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File 911: The United Nations - Handmaiden of Terror
Note: The World Wide Web is, like the web of a spider, ephemeral. Links shown below may have blown away, but, before giving up on them, be sure to check whether the articles can be located elsewhere via Google or have been preserved in the amber of the Internet Wayback Machine.
Michael Rubin, "The U.N.'s Refugees" (4/18/02). "Unfortunately the U.N. goes beyond giving rhetorical support for terrorism. In a variety of ways, its agencies have been complicit in Middle Eastern terror."
Ruth Wisse, "At the UN It's Ok to Be Anti-Semitic" (4/22/02). "The U.N.'s assault on Israel, in direct violation of its Charter, now rivals even the Jew-hating indoctrination that preceded World War II."
Dov B. Fischer, "The Overseers of Jenin" (5/4/02). "Israel reports that approximately half the suicide bombers who have struck over the past 19 months were residents of the Jenin UNRWA camp or terrorists who were trained there. It also is odd that a "refugee camp" under United Nations auspices has emerged as a terror center where Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Tanzim, and Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorists ran wild, stocking arms, building bomb-making factories, and recruiting and training children educated at UNRWA schools to detonate themselves. Perhaps oddest of all is the American role as chief bankroller."
Mark Steyn, "Palestinians Agree With Israel - Shock, Horror" (5/5/02). While pursuing imaginary Israeli atrocities, the media ignore crimes committed by U.N. personnel.
David Harsanyi, "United Nations' War Against Israel" (5/6/02). The U.N.'s transparent antisemitism goes back a long time.
David Tell, "The U.N.'s Israel Obsession" (5/6/02). A chronicle of U.N. hostility toward the Jewish state. Letter to the editor from a U.N. bureaucrat, with David Tell's rejoinder (5/28/02). "Should The Weekly Standard remain a going concern for another hundred years, it is almost inconceivable that we will ever again have occasion to publish anything nearly so dishonest as the letter above."
Franklin Foer, "Turtle Dove" (10/3/02). U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has a long record of moral cowardice in the face of tyranny. Now he is Saddam Hussein's last, best hope for survival.
Robert L. Bartley, "Who Elected the U.N.?" (10/7/02). "Whatever its pretensions, and however much they're cheered by the limp-minded, in fact the U.N. is the epicenter of world cynicism. Here idealistic rhetoric is routinely invoked on behalf of power politics and often sheer tyranny. In extenuation, it could scarcely be otherwise."
Charles Krauthammer, "U.N., R.I.P." (1/30/03). "Having proved itself impotent in the Balkan crisis and now again in the Iraq crisis, the United Nations will sink once again into irrelevance. This time it will not recover. And the world will be better off for it."
Charles Krauthammer, "Don't Go Back to the U.N." (3/21/03). "Americans finally had a look inside the sausage factory. Their image of the United Nations as a legitimating institution had always been deeply sentimental, based on the United Nations of their youth – UNICEF, refugee help, earthquake assistance. A global Mother Teresa. That's what they thought of the United Nations, and that's why they held it in esteem and cared about what it said. Now they know that it is not UNICEF collection boxes but a committee of cynical, resentful, ex-imperial powers such as France and Russia serving their own national interests – and delighting in frustrating America's – without the slightest reference to the moral issues at stake. The American public understands that this is not a body with which to entrust American values or American security."
William R. Hawkins, "Losing the Peace" (4/7/03). "Paris, Berlin, and Moscow know that their only way back into Iraq is through the United Nations. . . . French prime minister Jacques Chirac has already declared that France will oppose any U.N. resolution that would give the U.S. and England a dominant position in Iraq. Thus, seeking a postwar resolution risks either another diplomatic debacle like the effort to get a second pre-war resolution, or a new 'consensus' that opens the door for those who opposed the war to grab a large share of the benefits of the war."
Mark Steyn, "Why I Nearly Resigned" (4/26/03). Why the United Nations should be kept far away from the rebuilding of Iraq: "[I]f you want to turn a long shot into a surefire failure, there’s no better way than handing postwar Iraq from the Americans to the UN — the successors to the Belgian school of nation-building. At best, you’ll end up with Cambodia, where the UN has colluded in the nullification of democracy; at worst, you’ll wind up with the Balkans, where once functioning jurisdictions are reduced to the level of geopolitical tenements with the UN as slum landlord in perpetuity."
Anne Bayefsky, "Human Wrongs" (4/29/03). "The sad fact is that the U.N. is not only a failed leader in the protection of human rights, but is itself a substrate of xenophobia and aggression. The U.S. pays 22% of the U.N.'s regular budget. Yet today's U.N. operates in fundamental opposition to the values of the U.S. - and to its own universal human-rights foundations."
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