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ConJosé (60th Worldcon), August 2002 (2)
At the Friday night Discworld party, Terry Pratchett poses with an admirer.

A fan leans over to get a better appreciation of these Ankh-Morpork delicacies. Fandom is a wonderful way to get acquainted with exotic cuisines!

Saturday morning at the World Science Fiction Society business meeting, where I showed up in order to be one of the heavily outnumbered minority on the question of creating a new Hugo Award for Best Buffy Episode Best Short Form Dramatic Presentation. Facing the crowd are, from left to right, Seth Breidbart (timekeeper), Kevin Standlee (chairman) and Pat McMurray (secretary).

Kris Bauer casts the last vote in the 2005 Worldcon site selection balloting. Unfortunately, she didn't insert it very forcefully, and it refused to fall into the box.  Viewing this omen with dismay (on right) are Mark Linneman and Robert MacIntosh.
Whatever the omens did or didn't portend, the U.K. in 2005 bid squeaked to an unopposed victory, after which they revealed that the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention will be known as "Interaction". The last Scottish Worldcon was called "Intersection". I'm not going to vote for the next one without a pledge that it will not keep searching for "Inter-" words. A kilted and bleary Vince Docherty poses in front of the convention banner. Vince will be only the second person to chair two Worldcons. Milt Rothman was the first (1947 and 1953).
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