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File 911: The Saudi Connection
Note: The World Wide Web is, like the web of a spider, ephemeral. Links shown below may have blown away, but, before giving up on them, be sure to check whether the articles can be located elsewhere via Google or have been preserved in the amber of the Internet Wayback Machine.
Mark Steyn, "Saudis Are Behind All the 'Root Causes'" (10/15/01). Does support for the Sa'ud dynasty still serve American interests?
Seymour Hersh, "King's Ransom" (10/17/01). Cum grano salis. The writer is a veteran leftist with a long record of lying, and he bases his account on anonymous sources. Still, if even a third of it is true, the picture of Saudi Arabia's decadent, deceitful and highly vulnerable monarchy is disturbing.
Martin Peretz, "Remembering Saudi Arabia" (1/17/02). "The layers of Saudi deception are slowly unraveling."
David Pryce-Jones, "The Saudi Breakpoint" (2/1/02). "The country and its ruling family have had a bad war."
Tom Gross, "Time to Face Mecca" (2/8/02). ". . . if America wants to prevent a major terrorist onslaught, there is one government above all others that must be reformed or replaced. And it is not that of Saddam, but the House of Saud."
Mark Steyn, "With Friends Like the Saudis" (3/4/02). Instability in the Wahhabi domain would be good news for the U.S.
Mona Eitahawy, "The Died for Lack of a Head Scarf" (3/19/02). This horrific incident of Islamofascist fanaticism by Saudi Arabia's "morality police" reads like an invention of the Black Legend - but it really happened.
Rich Lowry, "Money, Money, Money" (3/27/02). Saudi Arabia's deployment of oil wealth to proselytize for a fanatical religious cult poses a graver danger to the West than regimes like Saddam Hussein's.
Rich Lowry, "Being Prince Abdullah" (4/4/02). In the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, President Bush confronts not "an ally with whom he needs to 'consult,' but . . . a budding adversary he needs to bend to his will."
Rich Lowry, "'What Is the Real Crime?'" (4/8/02). Saudi Arabia's "moderate" ambassador to the U.S. defends terror as a weapon.
Dr. Bob Arnot, "Saudi Arabia's Illusory Press Freedom" (4/24/02). A reporter who believed Riyadh's promises that he could work unhindered learns a painful lesson.
Rich Lowry, "Abdullah's Bluff" (4/25/02). A weakling tries to intimidate a superpower.
Martin Sieff, "The Saudi-Iranian Alliance" (4/26/02). The convergence of a nominal ally and a bitter enemy poses a threat to American interests.
Terry Eastland, "The Saudi Gambit" (4/29/02). "With the liberation of Iraq, the liberation of Saudi Arabia would be at least thinkable--a thought that horrifies the House of Saud."
Jeff M. Sellers, "Flogged and Deported" (5/7/02). How Saudi-controlled Arabia treats Christians.
Sulaiman Al-Hattian, "In Saudi Arabia, an Extreme Problem" (5/8/02). A citizen of Saudi-controlled Arabia criticizes his country's government for appeasing Islamic extremists and calls on Saudi society to "start a tough process of social and political reform".
Max Singer, "Free the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia" (5/9/02). The oil wealth of Saudi-controlled Arabia derives from areas held only by conquest, not by affinity with the ruling dynasty.
Israeli Defense Forces, "Documents Captured by the IDF" (5/10/02). A selection of materials illustrating Saudi support for the Hamas terrorist network.
David Tell, "The Saudi-Terror Subsidy" (5/10/02). If one looks at all closely, Saudi-controlled Arabia makes no real secret of its financial support of terrorist operations, including some that have killed Americans.
Michael Barone, "Our Enemies the Saudis" (5/25/02). "President Bush has said that we must have regime change in Iraq to be safe from terrorism. It is increasingly clear that we must have regime change in Saudi-ruled Arabia as well."
Victor Davis Hanson, "Our Enemies, the Saudis" (7/1/02). "Even if we were not attempting to prosecute a war against terror, the time would have long since arrived to reconsider our relations with Saudi Arabia."
Tony Snow, "A Clash of Cultures and Religions" (7/8/02). An interview with a victim of Saudi religious persecution.
Neil MacFarquhar, "A Few Saudis Defy a Rigid Islam to Debate Their Own Intolerance" (7/12/02). The first glimmers of introspection in the Saudi entity, coupled with much evidence of entrenched bigotry against Christians, Jews and Westerners in general.
Simon Henderson, "The Saudi Way" (8/12/02). Evidence emerges of Saudi payoffs to al-Qaeda.
Council of Foreign Relations, "Terrorist Financing" (10/17/02). This report of a CFR task force details al-Qaeda's sources of funding. The most widely reported and disturbing conclusion is that Saudi-controlled Arabia is a key element in the financial structure of terrorism. "For years, individuals and charities based in Saudi Arabia have been the most important source of funds for al-Qaeda; and for years, Saudi officials have turned a blind eye to this problem."
Josh Devon & James Mitre, "The Man Behind the Curtain" (10/28/02). A portrait of the Saudi businessman who started the foundation that is today a principal source of funds for al-Qaeda.
David Twersky, "Jews and Christians Are Apes and Pigs, Saudi Textbooks Say" (10/23/02). What our "friends" in Saudi-controlled Arabia teach their children about the non-Moslem world.
Susan Katz Keating, "The Wahhabi Fifth Column" (12/30/02). ". . . we ignore to our peril the degree to which the Saudis spread extremist anti-Americanism. It is particularly unsettling that the Saudis stoke such sentiments here, in our own country. They do this by funding American outposts of the intolerant, militant Wahhabi form of Islam."
James Kirchik, "Singing the Praises of Dictators" (1/30/03). A look at the work of the Saudi propaganda apparatus on college and high school campuses.
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