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ConJosé (60th Worldcon), August 2002 (1)
Entering the San Jose Convention Center. Note the vacationing aliens staring through the glass after debarking from their flying saucer (saucer and aliens courtesy of Minicon).

A view of the Worldcon history exhibit sponsored by the FANAC FanHistory Project.

A view of the Fan Tables. From left to right, one can see Xerps in 2010, Noreascon 4, U.K. in 2005 and Torcon 3. A total of 39 groups, ranging from seated Worldcons to local clubs, had tables, one of the better turnouts at recent Worldcons.

Part of the Fan Photo Gallery, a project started by Bruce Pelz and now maintained by Chaz Boston Baden. The proprietor of this site is glimpsable toward the right end (naturally) of the middle row.
Larry Hancock, CFO of next year's Worldcon, gazes benevolently at a fan who has just bought a membership. Lance Sibley is mostly obscured to his right.
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