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ConJosé (60th Worldcon), August 2002 (4)
Neil Gaiman, whose American Gods won the Best Novel Hugo against the stiffest competition in years, basks in accolades from (left to right), Lisa Freitag, David Goldfarb, Ruth Sachter and Gay Ellen Dennett.

What do pros and BNF's talk about at the exclusive Hugo Losers' Party? Here George R. R. Martin (who invented the HLP and is Author Guest of Honor at Torcon 3 (no causal connection)) is deep in conversation with fan editor Lawrence Person and Best Novel Hugo nominee China Miéville about - the Atkins Diet. China, a vegetarian, is not sympathetic to Dr. Atkins' theories.

San Jose's Fairmont Hotel allows guests to bring pets, but his is probably the first iguana to grace the premises. Petting the critter are the hands of Becky Thomson and Martina Pilcerovich. I would mention the owner's name if I knew it, but she chose to obscure her badge with a lame political slogan.

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