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Torcon 3 (61st Worldcon), August 2003 (1)
My small contribution to Torcon 3 was to help set up and tear down the Pro Photo Gallery. The gallery includes 373 of Christine Valada's photographic portraits of science fiction authors, artists, editors and publishers.
A handy sign pointing the way to places of interest on the second floor of the Toronto Convention Centre. But what is it that Torcon members are selecting this  year? (This is a real sign, and it has already been corrected once.)
From the Masquerade exhibit, which featured the work of Toronto area costumers.

Here is a wider angle view of the costumes, with the Pro Gallery in the background.

The Masquerade exhibit from a different angle, showing why the Taliban don't get along well with fandom.

The Japanese Fandom display, including a list of Japanese National Conventions (left), photos from the cons and covers of fan and pro publications.

A display of photos, mostly of past Worldcons, by German fans.

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