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Alone within a secret garden,
At last the dim-eyed world discovers you,
Beyond the backmost corner of my eye
Do you hear the sound of weeping
Enjoy your flirting now, while friendly skies
Forsaking lands where Cupid reigns,
How will I know if she's in love with me?
I dreamt that Charon beckoned me.
I sought from her a simple smile.
I used  to laugh at sweethearts' games
My love goes dancing where immortal stars
Now either love or cease to love, but make
Now that your witching ways have snared my heart
O little moon, whom I once spied
Reflect sometime, sweet honeybee,
So close to nothing now, a dwindled, unseen sphere,
The breeze has lifted up her curls.
The flowers I smiled at when Springtime was blooming
The reason for love, the reason I adore you,
The roads we have travelled together are old,
There was a lass - you did not think
Those years I yearned for her,
Tonight your eyes will be my polar star,
Upon earth's hills the flowers sway,
We might have lived six worlds apart,
When Guinevere was sweet and young,
Where dwells my darling? There on the mountains;
Why did you smile? Why lure me here