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Tom Melville, an Englishman expatriated to Wisconsin, tries to introduce cricket, the national pastime of the rest of the Anglophone world, to his adopted countrymen and traces the history of the game in the United States, in two books: Cricket for Americans and The Tented Field.
The world of dotcoms holds a peculiar fascination. The movie, a documentary about the spectacular rise an abrupt fall of a company called govWorks (it was going to get rich off other people's parking tickets), shows that film is no substitute for paper, but it gives a taste of what it is like to come within inches of fabulous wealth.
Et Cetera
What doesn't fit anywhere else.
January - June 2003 (my true personality; my place in verse)
April - December 2002 (my place at Hogwarts; America vs. soccer; another Bellesiles; the Fall of Constantinople; an "insensitive" hymn; a peaceful separation: what didn't happen in history; visible effects of 9/11; vacation notice; a close encounter with copyright law and Clouseauish lawyers; the government's annual theft of time; my role in D&D)
January - March 2002 (blog parlor games; France at war; an ice-tribute for New York firefighters; Choose your own ethical philosophy; George Washington's birthday; Princess Margaret vs. King Charles III; King Charles I and the English Taliban; customer (dis)service on the Web; a cat on a leash)
November - December 2001 (birthday of two legends of our time; a future urban legend about 9/11; Diamond Mind Baseball; T3: Thanksgiving Day; birthday "wishes"; the Yale-Harvard game)
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