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Daddy Is a Spaceman
(Air:  "Daddy Is a Yale Man")

As the space shuttle left Cape Canaveral,
A young girl climbed on with her kids.
She said, "I'm not grieving that it's come to leaving,
For old Earth's far gone on the skids . . . on the skids!"
Said the kids to each other, "What's got into Mother
That we should be trav'ling through space?"
So when they reached L.E.O.,
That brave mother of three-oh
Explained with a most solemn face:

"Your daddy is a spaceman.
We may be married soon.
No orbit's for rent, so we may pitch a tent
In a crater far side of the moon . . . of the moon.
With stars above to guide us,
Our love cannot grow dim.
While he roams the ast'roids
With his drones and his droids,
I'll only be thinking of him."

When the shuttle from L-Five had parted,
That family was still all aboard.
Ma'd met up with Fandom; now her movements were random,
And she was sloshed out of her gourd . . . of her gourd.
Said the kids to each other, "What's got into Mother
That we should now go back to Earth?"
Cried their ma with a leer
As she gulped down her bheer
And shouted with laughter and mirth:

"Though Daddy is a spaceman
And space is just the thing,
The wedding I'd planned does not seem so grand
In the umbra of Saturn's third ring . . . turn's third ring.
These fine young fen from Chicon
Have a weekend to make my heart glad.
So I'm gonna go doggo
Down there in Chicago,
And to hell with your space-faring da-a-a-a-d!
To hell with your space faring dad!"

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